Diy Pony Dry

6:28 PM

Hello everyone!

So today we're gonna talk about hair, yeah that mop on your head that you struggle with its too many problems, one of them is greasiness and dirtiness, when you don't wash your hair for like a week or something, the only solution to this problem is dry shampoo, which works wonders on hair and gives it extra volume.

Well dry shampoo doesn't work all the time and my hair got really dirty but I was on my period and I couldn't wash it so seventeen wrote an article about a new product called "pony dry".

When I checked their website the dry pony costs about 20 dollars which is really expensive compared to our money for a shower-cap-like so I tried to do a diy spending 1 dollar on a shower cap and a string that I already had.

What you need:

  • A shower cap
  • a string (I used a shoe lace because that's all I found)


  1. put your hair in a top knot
  2. put the shower cap on
  3. adjust it
  4. tie it up with the string
  5. it would look something like this
  6. take a shower 


it works just like the pony dry sleeve.

if you liked this simple diy make sure to try it and tweet me with the hashtag #diyponydry
I just realised that it rhymes haha.
Make sure to check my youtube channel P.S: it's not related to beauty and fashion .


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